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Our photovoltaic services

Photovoltaic systems offer a sustainable and cost-effective way of generating clean energy, which reduces electricity costs in the long term and increases independence from rising energy prices. State Subsidies and feed-in tariffs shorten the amortization period and increase the return on investment, making the investment in a PV system particularly attractive. Other financial incentives such as investment grants, tax benefits, favorable loans and regional subsidy programs make the decision to install a photovoltaic system even easier. Discover the advantages and get comprehensive advice from Voltaigo.

Photovoltaic roof systems

roof systems
are ideal for private households and businesses.

With state-of-the-art PV technology, you can lower your electricity costs and reduce your dependence on energy suppliers. Our tailor-made solutions guarantee optimum utilization of your roof area and offer you long-term financial benefits.

We support you with planning, installation and maintenance so that you can benefit from your own electricity production without any worries.

Why PV systems from Voltaigo?

At Voltaigo, you benefit from years of experience in the planning and implementation of photovoltaic systems of all sizes. We use high-quality PV modules from international manufacturers with an output of over 400 watts, which guarantees a high energy yield on the same surface area. Our modules offer a manufacturer’s product guarantee of 10 years and more. We take care of the entire process, including installation, cabling and registration with the network operator. You can rely on our comprehensive support from A to Z, from professional installation on all

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Turn your roof into an e-power plant!

Build your own electricity price brake!

This is how you lower your electricity costs and reduce your dependence on energy suppliers: with the latest PV technology at attractive prices.

Ground-mounted photovoltaic systems

Ground-mounted systems
offer you the opportunity to use unused areas efficiently for energy generation.

Whether farms, industrial estates or conversion areas – we show you how you can generate electricity sustainably and profitably with photovoltaic systems.

Our experts support you from the site analysis and approval processes through to turnkey installation. Benefit from stable yields and make an important contribution to the energy transition.

Photovoltaic Energy Communities

In an
energy community
you generate, use and share electricity regionally.

This relieves the strain on the electricity grids and promotes local electricity generation. We support you in setting up and operating energy communities to promote the greening of the electricity supply.

Our services include technical and legal advice, setting up the infrastructure and the ongoing operation of the community.

Become part of a strong community that actively contributes to the energy transition.

Job & Career

Employee wanted!

We contribute our international know-how to photovoltaic projects in Austria, both on roofs and on open spaces, and are looking for people who want to work with us to help achieve the climate targets. If you would like to use the experience you have gained so far, learn more about photovoltaics and gain further practical experience in the implementation of projects, you have come to the right place.

Our roots lie in the development of ground-mounted systems throughout Europe. We have been able to develop, finance, build and sell large-scale plants in many European countries with and for well-known international investors.

Our vision: photovoltaics for everyone

Our vision is to make the sun’s energy accessible and usable for everyone via photovoltaics – so that everyone can contribute their part to the energy transition.